H2life Foundation - Hydrogen for Life

H2life is a scientific foundation whose mission is to promote scientific and objective information about renewable energy and the use of hydrogen as an energy vector. Using renewable energies and hydrogen will help us to protect our climate, to reduce toxic pollution, to reduce noise pollution, to support the local economy, to facilitate energy independence and to reduce the true costs of energy.


Why hydrogen ?

  • It is the most powerful gas
  • It contains no carbon
  • It does not pollute
  • It is lighter than air and it is odourless
  • It can be used to facilitate electricity production and energy storage
  • When used, the only bi-product emitted is harmless water vapour

The Foundation:

H2life is a non-profit scientific and philanthropic foundation, recognized as of public interest by the Belgian Ministry of Justice, Its ‘enterprise no’ is : BE 0837.517.695. Its registered address is: Rue du Gendarme, 4; B-1400; Nivelles; Belgium.

H2life was established by Dr. Philippe Lorge, scientist, founder of the greentech H2WIN (www.h2win.com) and speaker.

Board of directors :

  • Dr. Philippe Lorge - President
  • Mrs. Karen Rodrigues - Director
  • Miss Wendy Lorge - Director

Advisory Committee :

  • Dr. Philippe Lorge
  • Mrs. Karen Rodrigues
  • Miss Wendy Lorge
  • Mr. Edward de Burlet
  • Mr. Dennis Fenton


H2life is not connected in any way to any political party or activist movement, nor to a player in the energy sector ( apart from the greentech H2WIN S.A. founded by Dr Lorge). Unlike an ‘Association’ that would be obliged to defend the interests of its members or its associates, as a Foundation H2life provides independent, science-based, objective advice and analysis.

Illustrative philanthropic actions of H2life Foundation: 

  • Organizing events, such as conferences, in order to raise public awareness on issues such as climate change, and to provide information on how the use of hydrogen-based technologies can reduce the emissions of the gases that cause climate change;
  • Participating in conferences organized by other organizations (e.g. Universities, the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, cultural centres, schools, etc);
  • Advising working groups on the development of the hydrogen industry;
  • Advising institutions on the latest technological developments in the hydrogen industry, and other issues related to global climate change;
  • Scientific analysis of current events and current affairs and the implications for the hydrogen industry and for climate change;
  • Monitoring, and sounding the alarm, regarding practices that lead to increased air pollution, to ocean acidification and to other threats to the global ecosystem;
  • Publishing scientific information in formats accessible to the general public.

Environmental Education :

Providing conferences in high schools and universities, in order to explain global climate change, and to present technical solutions to global environmental challenges, such as the production of hydrogen and the storage of energy as a means to avoid environmental degradation.

Concert Your voice for the planet :

In order to raise awareness amongst the general public about the challenges of integrating human actions into the ecosystem, and to present potential solutions, H2life organizes the annual Concert: Your Voice for the Planet. Under the guidance of the renowned Conductor Hugues Reiner (www.choeurhuguesreiner.com), hundreds sing for the planet. All benefits will go to the ‘environmental education’ project described above.

Key Target Audience:

The general public, high schools, universities, industries, companies, governmental institutions and international organizations.


We invite you to become our partner and realise a project recognised as of public interest by the Belgian Justice Ministry. H2life projects are funded by its founder, by gifts and by private legacy payments.

The Foundation’s Board of directors and Strategic Committee Members

Follow and support us

  1. By making a gift or leaving a legacy payment.
  2. By sponsoring our activities.

Banking details:

CODE IBAN: BE22 0016 4964 4947

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